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Great women driver insurance at low cost
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About Diamond Car Insurance
Diamond is a company created by women for women, to provide cheaper car insurance for women.
Diamond can provide cheaper car insurance for women because it is a statistically proven fact that women are safer drivers than men and have fewer serious accidents. As women claim less, it naturally follows that their insurance premiums are less.

Why is it that women can often get cheaper car insurance
than men?

The answer is that, women drive differently to men.
Generally speaking, women have the same number of accidents as men, but it’s the seriousness of the accident that is very different between the sexes. Typically, an insurance company has to pay out more to fix a car when a man has an accident as the car has to be extensively repaired.

96% of convicted dangerous drivers are men

Women have a different pattern of driving to men. They drive shorter distances, have lower mileage and tend to drive more slowly. Men are convicted for 92% of driving offences and 96% of all convictions for dangerous driving.
Given these ways in which the sexes drive differently and the actual claims experience of insurance companies, you can see why any insurance company will class women drivers are ‘safer’.
The car insurance claims difference between the sexes is at its height in the late teens and twenties. Over 30 and things tend to even out and men over 75 are often regarded as the safer risk.

Diamond is part of Admiral Insurance Services Limited, a direct car insurance provider. That means that Diamond can offer excellent rates for car insurance quotes, because they cut out the middleman.

If you've got less than 5 years No Claims Bonus, try Diamond's Bonus Accelerator policy, which is ideal for people who are taking out car insurance for women for the first time, or those who have recently lost their no claims bonus due to a claim.

The Bonus Accelerator runs for 10 months, but gives you one full year's no claims bonus after just 10 months. This means you can build up your No Claims Bonus faster and start saving money earlier.

Diamond also offer customers a terrific range of benefits, including legal expenses cover, a guaranteed replacement car (subject to conditions), 24 hours a day accident and glass repair helplines. Our car insurance quotes are especially good for those of you living in Scotland, London and the South East, so get an insurance quote from Diamond today to see if we could save you money.

The most popular type of car insurance that Diamond provides is Comprehensive cover, which offers you and your car the highest level of protection. The second most popular type of motor insurance quotations are for Third Party, Fire and Theft cover, but this type of insurance policy doesn't provide accidental damage cover for your own car in case of an accident.

Diamond Insurance
Capital Tower
Greyfriars Road
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Cheap car insurance for UK lady drivers from Diva
We can quote you if:

You are resident in the UK (excluding Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands)
Your vehicle is right hand drive, is less than 30 years old and is not "Q" plated
Your vehicle is a standard model produced for sale in the UK market by the manufacturer i.e. not a "grey" import
All known notifiable medical conditions have been notified to DVLA
Your vehicle was not manufactured to carry more than 8 people including the driver and has not been adapted to carry more or less than 8 including the driver.
You have only one occupation. You do not have a secondary occupation.


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