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Motor Car Insurance and car security
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What should I do if my car is stolen?

Tell the police immediately and then tell your insurer.

Be prepared to wait a while in case your car is recovered. A great many cars taken without the owner's consent are soon found abandoned and can be returned to the owner.

If property is stolen from your car tell the police immediately and then tell your insurer.

Most comprehensive policies protect you against loss of or damage to personal belongings which are in your car. Policies set a limit on the value of such property claims. Check your own policy for details.

How to Beat the Car Thief

The financial loss of a stolen car is bad enough and although insurance will compensate for this, nothing can help with the shock and inconvenience.Walk around any car park. You'll see cars with windows open, ignition keys in the lock, sunroofs open, valuable property and clothing on display on the rear seat.
Be sensible. Follow the checklist below every time you leave your car.
Take Care of Your Property
Remember - if you are careless when leaving your car then your claim for theft may not be paid at all. Your insurance policy requires you to take care of your property at all times.
Have all the windows etched with the registration number of your car. This deters car thieves.
Many insurers allow a special premium discount if your car has a professionally-fitted alarm/immobiliser system. The Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre (Thatcham) checks vehicle security devices to see how they perform, as do other bodies. Ask your insurer what systems they approve or require. They may also require the system to be fitted by a member of the Vehicle Systems Installation Board. Your insurer can advise you about this.

Check List:
Where to leave your car - At night, park in a well-lit place. Thieves like working in shadows. In a ticket-exit car park, take the ticket with you

Remove Car Ownership Information - Don't leave your certificate of insurance and registration document in the car but carry them with you

Hide Property – If you have to leave valuable property in your car, leave it in a locked boot. In a hatchback the rear shelf should be in position. In an estate car cover up property with a sheet or blanket

Remove the Ignition Key - Don't leave the key in the ignition - not even for just a few seconds - to go into your home or a shop or while you are paying for petrolClose All Windows - Don't forget the sunroof

Use an Anti-Theft Device - Thieves are opportunists. When they see even a basic level of protection, thieves will often move on to another car

Always Lock Doors and Boot - Even when the car is in your own drive or garage, lock it and take the keys with you

Children and Animals - Never leave young children or animals alone in a parked car. Young children who are old enough can be persuaded by thieves to open the doors. With windows or sunroof open you run the risk of theft. With windows closed there is a grave danger of suffocation.

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