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What if I (or any other insured drivers) have a medical condition?

Driving licences

All licence holders and applicants for a licence are required by law to notify the DVLA (DVLNI in Northern Ireland) if they have a medical condition that could affect their fitness to drive. So you should first check whether your medical condition prevents you from holding a driving licence. Advice about driving and medical conditions (for example, epilepsy, diabetes and heart complaints) can be found on the web sites of the DVLA and DVLNI . Useful advice is also given about driving after surgery and for people with physical disabilities.

Car insurance & Medicals

Car insurers will wish to know about medical conditions likely to affect safe driving, and will ask appropriate questions when you take out or renew your motor car insurance.
Many insurers adopt the stance that, provided any medical condition or other disability has been notified to the appropriate licensing authority, and a driving licence has been issued, then they will treat the application no differently from someone without such a condition (all other things being equal).

It is a condition of all car insurance policies that the insured drivers hold the appropriate driving licence.
You must answer truthfully any questions about medical conditions when you take out or renew your motor insurance.
This is important because, if you fail to provide truthful answers, you may find that your claim will not be paid, especially if you have an accident that is attributable to your medical condition.

If you are any doubt about your medical condition and the implications for your motor insurance cover, do discuss the matter with your insurer. Similarly, have a word with your doctor if you have any queries about your medical conditions or have been prescribed drugs or other treatment that could affect your driving ability.

Insurers are required by law to justify their stance if they wish to treat people with medical conditions or other disabilities differently from other people. For example, they may use actuarial data, medical research information or a report from your doctor.


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